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First, the purchase link
Through the IS09001 certification in strict accordance with the IS09001 quality system requirements, strict quality control of the whole process of raw material procurement, production, transportation, sales and other, the procurement of raw materials and strict checks, the supplier's products, than quality, than price, than the service, goods than five. Fetching material quality and cheap, and a million tons of oxygen free copper rod production line, wire drawing plant, plastic factory, smelting and rolling rubber factory, with from early plus submitted to continuous production capacity, provide a guarantee for the production of high quality and low price products.
Two, production link
35kV in order to lower dry cross linked power cable production line using German SIEMENS company's electrical control equipment, the representative of the international advanced level of similar products. Science and technology is the first productivity, Tianjin adults know the reason, since the beginning of 1996, Tianjin into wire and cable launched a comprehensive "scientific and technological innovation project", has completed the transformation of technological innovation project 56, completed a 35KV class XLPE power cable, a large number of high-tech content of modified engineering, but also for the stability of the product quality improvement and provides a powerful backing.
Three, inspection department inspection
In the production process, production line staff income directly linked with the quality of products, the workshop production line is responsible for appraisal of people work directly linked to the quality, each process are formulated for the strict operating rules and quality responsibility system. Quality company with advanced equipment, scientific testing means of production line products regularly test, inspector sampling, were measured after by class leader sign the record and notify the production line staff, production line with nonconforming product, the on duty staff cannot undergo. For each batch of products not yet in the storage of regular sampling. The company's technical personnel to use professional equipment according to the strict rules of quality control to produce the finished product test.
Four, warehousing acceptance
Submit keeper receives the product storage to product line diameter, length, sheath, insulation and adhesion on sampling, such as the discovery of not up to the national standard, can refuse storage and quality inspection department inspection requirements.
Five, sales agency inspection
In the spirit of the principle of the loss of consumers, in the commodity into the circulation, Tianjin into the sales agencies are on the arrival of the inspection, found that the production of substandard or packaging damage to the factory in time.
Jin Cheng company was founded in 1983, with the introduction of international advanced level of wire and cable production line, the company always adhere to the corporate philosophy of honesty, social services, has won the trust of the community.
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