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    型号标记示例: 特性阻抗50,绝缘外径7.25mm的聚乙烯实芯绝缘,聚氯乙烯护套,单层铜丝编织,外导体的射频电缆的型号为:SYV-50-7-1。 型号组成部分的符号及其意义: 分类 导体 绝缘 护套 派生特性 特性阻抗 芯线外径 结构序号 符号 意义 符号 意义 符号 意...
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  • Jin Cheng company was founded in 1983, with the introduction of international advanced level of wire and cable production line, the company always adhere to the corporate philosophy of honesty, social services, has won the trust of the community.
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